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Fe-Plus capsules 0.25g 60capsules

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Iron is essential for the formation of hemoglobin and red-blood cells which act as oxygen carrier for the entire body. According to WHO iron deficiency is most common nutritional disorder, despite being the most important mineral. Tiens Fe-Plus Capsules are developed to fight against iron deficiency as it take care your daily iron requirement. These specially formulated Fe-Plus capsules are readily absorbed by the body.


• For formation of hemoglobin.

• Helps in proper muscle function.

• For regulation of body temperature.

• Helps to carry the Oxygen to all parts of the body.

• To control Iron deficiency-anaemia.

• Helps in case of insomnia (sleepless nights).

• Improves concentration capacity.

• Helps  to produce collagen, the fibrous protein part of connective tissue that helps bind tissues of the body together.

• Helps to protect the body from infections.

• Helps to manufacture proteins (amino acids) in the body.

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